Season Specials

Newly converted from Plex due to wanting to set up on a NAS drive, so apologies if this is something obvious I’m missing that I’m doing wrong but I’ve done searches on Google to try and find threads in here and elsewhere.

Most of my episodes are showing up really well, but I’m having trouble with special episodes, Doctor Who being the main example for me. I’ve tried (without speech marks but used to identify specific text) both with all episodes in 1 big main folder and with a sub folder for each series with ‘Season 0’ and ‘Season Specials’ as the folder name options. I’ve tried episodes in the format ‘Doctor Who 0x02 The Christmas Invasion’ and ‘Doctor Who S00E02 The Christmas Invasion’.

Whatever I try on my Apple TV they show as a ‘Season Specials’ without an image, with a folder within that called ‘Specials’ with the correct specials image, within that every entry listed as ‘0. Doctor Who (2005)’. They all have the same image (but different every time I navigate into it, just always the same as the rest whatever loads that time) and the same description (looks to be generic show information rather than an episode replicated every time). The only thing different which shows it is logging correct file entries is the duration, but most of them are around 60 minutes. I see for about half a second it looks to load all correctly and individually, but before I can acknowledge it myself it switches back to all the same.

On my iPhone they show similar, but due to screen size so slightly more simplistic design they all just show as lots of episode '0’s. I attach a print screen to hopefully help identify.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated, it’s the only thing that’s bugging me that’s stopped me trying to cut out Plex completely because although I thought they pulled the information in the same way from the same place it was working fine in Plex.