Season selector for Up Next List items

Yes, that’s absolutely true :pensive:
But this happens all the Time, I „fight“ here many, many years for some things, but always other things get prioritized (mostly for me personally unnecessary things)…

I really hope that James now first of all fixes all GUI bugs and inconsistencies. Instead of always adding new Features…

But you really need here an incredible patience and have to stay on the ball to push certain things forward. :wink::+1:


Indeed, it’s now down into the unspecified 7.6 range.

Most things that pushed this and the paired features down are content related bug fixes, which I blindly hope they don’t need to spend too much time on …

But I REALLY wish they’d take a moment to focus 100% on fixing existing UI bugs and finally building in the capabilities it long should have had.

Infrastructure Week, please!


Wait a minute, is Firecore a one man shop?

No, but it is very small. <10 employees total, last I heard.


Hello, guys I have been loving infuse for the last few months!

One of the huge things I think infuse is missing.

When clicking on an episode (from the continuing) tab I’m not able to choose another season from that menu.

For me to choose another season it requires me to go through the process of main menu > TV shows > scroll all the down to the specific series (which sometimes takes awhile) then choose another season.

I’m used to the native PLEX app (I have my PLEX share tied into infuse) where I can click continue watching (so I can quickly jump to a specific show after opening the app) then the PLEX app will automatically land on the currently watched episode but I’m still free to move about to a different season from the same menu before choosing to play something.

I like this feature due to sometimes I like to jump between episodes on certain series at specific times and depending on how I’m feeling.

Can something similar to this be added to infuse?

Or if it already exists how to enable?

Thanks very much for this awesome app !

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This is planned for the current version at some point

Take a look at 7.6.x pending

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Thanks for spotting this. I knew I had seen it but got sidetracked. :+1:

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I moved your post to the currently running suggestion thread for this feature (thanks to @Hitsville )

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This will improve the user experience, especially for family members who keep getting confused where the other seasons are.


Is this feature still planned for an upcoming version?

Note the “planned” tag in the topic header. :wink:


But not any time soon. There are a few other items in 2023 being worked on so probably 2024

It’s rather perplexing that there has been so much difficulty fixing this element; it feels like it should only require the simple copy/paste of some already existing code … but, alas, if it truly was that easy, surely the fix would have already been done? I so much wish I could get a look at the code, in order to understand why fixing this element has been so much more troublesome than it would seem it should be.


This time i see the last episode on iPad from a tv show only one episode. Last seen on AppleTV. I press on continue and it shows me the one episode

Interesting that this and a whole bunch of long standing requests have been removed from:

Which is precisely why I also asked, but I got a sarcastic reply suggesting that the “planned” tag attached to this thread is some sort of hard indicator that development on this feature (I’d say fix) is in progress…

Everyone calm down.

These were taken off the list because the whole UI is being re-written to enable fixes like this one to be implemented much more simply and far quicker than before. This major rewrite to improve the underlying code will probably take some time.

I’m confident that once this rewrite is donel, these fixes will either be included with it from day one, or quickly added afterwards in subsequent incremental updates.


I’m sorry you felt that my reply was sarcastic. I was just pointing out that it was still tagged as “planned” and as such has a status of

Feature has been given a loose internal timeframe (no ETA available)

Also when you asked this was still in the Upcoming Features list thread. It was there up until two days ago.

There are a ton of things going on working on the next major release and the developer is working at getting things re-prioritized.

There were several features on the upcoming features thread that have been removed until the dust settles and better info is available.

Just putting my +1 for it. Would be really useful

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