Season pass question

I am a bit usure if I am doing the jailbreak properly. I have an atv2 5.0(4099). I didn’t even know about jail breaking until a few days ago so I have no previous backup blobs. I tried to install jailbreak with the latest season pass and it gave me some kind of 1600 error and failed. I then did a factory restore in iTunes and all went well with that. My question is this… Do I have to do the jailbreak or do I just do the tethered boot with the original firmware? I am using a Mac. I have been doing a lot of reading here and have been reluctant to post prematurely but any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated.

You have to do jailbreak ,then tether boot.

Make sure you have latest itunes&proper cable.

Thanks for that info. I do have the latest iTunes and I assume the cable is ok as I was able to do a restore to factory in iTunes. It is plugged into a hub and I will try again without the hub. Maybe the season pass software is sensitive to that.