season pass 4.3 failed. itunes recovery failed. error 1611

So, I attempted to JB the appletv with the Seasonpass 4.3 for windows. Attempted 6 times and got an 1601 error. Plugged into the tv and got the itunes/usb icons. attempted to reset/recover in itunes 10 times. keep getting the 1611 error code.  Tried greenpoison, same thing happens. tried to run tinyumbrella. same thing happened.  What the crap is going on? I just bought this ATV2 and did not expect it to be screwed this soon. Anyone have any suggestions? Keep in mind that I am a newbie to JB. I have just been trying anything and everything so I don't have to take this into apple.  If I knew this was a possibility prior to attempting I would have left it alone. Also keep in mind I am running windows 7 (if that matters).

I have read some of the other issues/probelms but still have not found a workable solution. Anything else I can try??????


Thanks in advance..

restart seasonpass and then reupload the the files usin shift restore.


this worked for me good luck

thanks for the rply, but i still get the same issue. this time it was an error code 21 when I attempted to install the file using shift restore option. just got through trying another hard restore from itunes and still gettiung the error 1611 message. frustrating..

ok i also ran ireb before and ran that. It must have cleared the error.


once you run Ireb. don't worry it's pretty much in your face(ireb) re run re run seasonpass then restore through itunes

downloaded ireb, ran it, and tried to restore with custom still getting that stupid error. tried a factory restore and the same error. Thanks for the help. It may be useful as a paper weight...

Wonder if I can take it to apple (if I didn;t opt for applecare) and see if they can swap it out?

Next one I buy, I am leaving it alone......