Season number displayed in Show View - normal?

Just checking - on the iPad, I can see all the shows displayed under my show favourite location but when I select one of the shows I get a background image at the top of the screen together with: Show name - Season 1

It’s the same for every show. Should it not just display the show name? Just checking it’s not a bug or something I have set.

Infuse will group your TV episodes by season, the title will reflect something like: Show Name - S1 - E2 - Episode Name

You can jump between episodes within a season by tapping the numbers that appear in the middle area of the ticket.

Hi. I realise the episode names are displayed in episodes, not sure you understood what I meant. So taking it from step 1 on an iPad to try and explain, I found out why it was doing what it does:

Open Infuse
Open TV Shows favourite
Select show - in this case 24
Show opens with a banner at the top and the seasons displayed underneath
In the banner it displays 24 - Season 1

I thought that was an error and that it should just be 24. I didn’t realise however that you can swipe between the banners for the different seasons :slight_smile:

Is this specific to the iPad or does the iPhone do it too, the iPhone just lists the season tiles with no banner so wondering if it’s iPad specific behaviour or a setting I’ve missed on the iPhone. Thanks for the fast response.

Ah, got it.

Yes, the header image would display a unique item for each season (since clicking it would take you to that season, and not a page listing the seasons of 24).

This view is also available on iPhone when using it in landscape mode.

Thanks :slight_smile: