Season level artwork for TV shows

Hi there

Firstly - I love this app. I ripped all of my DVDs and Blu-rays a year or so ago and I play them and keep them organised through Infuse on my Apple TV. I use it and give thanks for it everyday.

But is there really no way to change the season-level artwork for TV shows? When it works, it’s fine but it is sometimes eccentric.

I have all eleven series of Doctor Who (2005) ripped and on my NAS drive. Infuse does a great job of sorting the episodes into seasons and downloading all the metadata. And for nine out of eleven seasons, the season artwork looks great. But Season 5 is in a totally different style to the rest (and looks horrible) and the artwork for seasons ten and eleven is identical - a big picture of Jodie Whittaker. But season ten is Peter Capaldi, so that doesn’t really work.

The other one I’ve noticed is The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy where the season artwork is in German!

Where are these image files coming from and why can’t I change them?

Weirdly, on my iPad, everything looks great. All the right Doctors and everything in English. How do I get that artwork on my Apple TV?

Thanks again for all you do.



Do you by chance have use embedded metadata turned on?

Just checked it and - nope, it’s off.

You might want to try and going to one of the episodes that is off and doing the Edit Metadata then selecting the correct name on the list and see if it refreshes to the correct ones.

Also, could you provide an example of the file name for one of the videos that is causing you issues?

Maybe I wasn’t clear. The artwork which is being downloaded is from the correct show. It’s just not in the same style as the other season level artwork, and for two seasons it is is generic show artwork rather than season specific artwork.

See screenshots attached. Note Season 5 is in a totally different style on the Apple TV but on the iPad everything is consistent.

I have had the same experience on other series and if you check, usually one or more of the episodes in the season you are having issues with has a different file naming conviction. Compare the file names in season 5 with the file names in one of the others. You can still select one of the files in season 5 and edit metadata and then re-select the correct choice. That will often refresh the artwork if it’s been changed. You only need to do this on the ATV it appears.

There are a few different versions of Dr Who and one of them requires the year in the name to properly scrape the metadata I just don’t recall which one requires the year.

Every single episode uses the same naming convention. Both the artwork I want and the mismatching artwork I don’t want can be seen side-by-side in TheTVDb so there’s no question that the correct show is being located. It’s just that instead of picking the first piece of artwork, Infuse has picked the second one. For one season out of eleven. Editing the metadata to refresh the artwork doesn’t change this. And it works perfectly on the iPad. Why can’t I choose my own artwork in situations like this?

One other thing to try is long press on the season folder and select use local metadata, let it clear that season and then do the long press and select use online metadata and see if that grabs the right pic when it rescans that season folder.

There’s one other way and that is to move that season out of the server share and let Infuse complete a scan then place the season back in the share and see if after the scan it picks up the correct pic. I can’t address why we can’t select which graphic is used. I’m guessing it’s a limitation of the API Infuses but that’s just a guess.

Sadly, none of these procedures have made any difference at all. I’m stuck with the same eccentric Infuse-mandated season artwork.

Okay, I just changed mine from the right one to the wrong one and back.

Here’s how to change yours to the right one.
1 Go to thetvdb and download the one you want by clicking on the poster and selecting download.
2 Rename that jpg file to “Season 05-poster.jpg” (If you label your season folders as 5 instead of 05 then change the jpg name to match yours)
3 Place that jpg in the Doctor Who 2005 series folder.
4 Got to the ATV and long press on Season 5 then select Edit Metadata and select the correct series (Doctor Who 2005)
5 Let the rescan for metadata complete
You will then have the pic you want for season 5

Amazing! That did actually work! Thank you so much.

I had to make a new Season 05 folder (I just had all of the episodes in the same folder and was letting Infuse sort them into seasons) but as soon as I did that and followed your instructions I got the right artwork. And I’ve fixed Hitchhikers as well.

Thank you again!

Cheers. Tom.

I’m wondering if not having season folders had something to do with the earlier remedies not working. It’d be interesting to see if you removed the artwork if it’d stick.

Either way it was a bone that needed gnawing on. :wink: