"Season" changed to "series"

Hi all

This is a very minor issue, however I’ve noticed that after updating to version 6.4.4 (on both an iPhone 11 and ATV4), all my TV shows have had their “seasons” changed to “series”.

As in, when I press on any particular show, the seasons are listed as Series 1/2/3/etc rather than Season 1/2/3/etc.

Is this something that can be altered in the settings?

I believe this is based on which English you have selected US or UK. I think US is Season and if you are using UK/Australian English it’s Series.

I’m in Australia so that explains the change. But does that mean I have to change my device language settings from Eng (Au) to Eng (US) just to have the different label? That seems a bit excessive considering this wasn’t an issue before the update.

I’ve tried changing the language settings within the Infuse app itself, but it only reverts to “season” labels if I change the language at a device level (i.e. in the iOS settings).

I believe the change was to be consistent with usage there and other apps like Netflix.

Maybe @james can chime in on this.

All the streaming services I’m subscribed to in Australia (Netflix, Stan, Disney+ and Apple TV+) use the “season” moniker as opposed to “series”

This change was intended to be for the UK only, but slipped into Australia as well.

The translations for Australian English will be updated in the 6.4.5 update.


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