Season artwork not downloading

Ever since the TVDB outage the other week I’ve had issues with metadata. I decided to delete all metadata and reset iCloud storage to see if a clean start would fix it.

So everything is now spot on apart from the season posters. Each one is just the tv show poster. I’m not sure if this is TVDB related or not but nothing I do solves it.

Anyone got any solutions other than added them on manually to each folder?

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This appears to be mostly resolved on TheTVDb side.

Can you try using the Edit option to refresh metadata and artwork for the problematic series?

If the issue still persists, can you let us know which series you are seeing problems with?

Just tried editing a few seasons and selecting the metadata. It moves to other then comes back to tv with th same cover.

It is happening on all seasons. I have tried with season I definitely know have season artwork on TVDB. Recently I tried big bang theory and Simpson’s for example.

Same here. The tv series artwork seems a little spotty. For instance, Mandalorian episodes 1-4 show a picture from the show, but episodes 5-7 show the actual “stock” mandalorian artwork. This is happening for majority, if not all of the shows.

Quick update.

We have a few changes coming in 6.2.5 that should resolve issues with season artwork for the affected series.

Thanks for your patience.

This issue should be resolved in today’s 6.2.5 update.

Note, you may need to use the ‘Edit’ option on an episode from the affected series to refresh the metadata and artwork.

Hi James,
I got the update and tried to edit as suggested. The season artwork still remains as the old season stuff. So no change for me…

What series?

I tried Arrow. Supergirl. Hawaii Five-0. Charmed (2018). All the front posters show old artwork (old cast etc.). However in the folder itself, the artwork is correct for the season.

I just tried it with Supergirl and after doing an edit metadata and selecting the Supergirl 2015 it replaced the old series poster with the new on. Maybe give it another shot since it seems to be working.

Edit to add: Also worked with Arrow to update Series poster to the new one.

Lucky you hehe. I tried again. No change. Still old artwork. Though as said, the season artwork is correct (i only have the latest season) inside the show, just the front poster. Not sure if these are different images from tvdb?
I have decided to bite the bullet and clear metadata cache on the atv - Will see if it makes a difference

Update: Of the files that have been “scanned” - no change. As an example: Chicago Med front poster shows the old cast with Dr Connor. When you open the season, the backdrop and poster are correct for the current season The pic at the top right of this page is the Series poster

Also, when you do the edit are you actually selecting the correct name below the search block and letting Infuse fetch new metadata or are you just selecting the edit option and backing out without selecting the correct series below?

According to your link, then it appears this is not an infuse problem. The Series poster is of the old cast (latest Season has no Felicity). Same goes for Chicago Med (just checked the TVDB page). “Sucks” hehe.

And yes, i am selecting the title when editing :slight_smile:

Edit: I use filebot to rename files before sending them. They have the option to search tvmaze in addition to TVDB. Those posters (on their website) seem to have been updated. Any chance Infuse could incoporate that api as an alternative / addition?

You know you can join thetvdb and then you can up vote a better poster or upload one and if others like it and up vote that one you can get it moved to the prime spot.

All of the options are at the bottom of the page and there’s a show all button when there’s more that a couple that will take you to a page with all of them to see.

I think i am a registered user (or it is IMDB…). Will check out the site more carefully. Not sure if you saw my edit above regarding tvmaze?

There’s a couple of threads in the Suggestions forum asking for other sources of metadata but I’d guess it would be a while since it requires an API that Infuse can incorporate.

Also thetvdb is all brand new on their website and database so their still squashing a few bugs so maybe when they get it into smooth water they’ll update more of their artwork. Heck, so many of mine are WAY older so it’s still a big improvement when I rescan it. LOL

Once can hope. Either that or i need to see someone about my OCD LOL!!!

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