Seas0son Pass troubles

After several trial and error attempts I got Seas0n Pass to jailbreak device and complete the tethered boot I get the success message and it says I can remove USB and connect to tv. But when I connect to TV there is no signal.  Occasionally the apple logo appears for a second but then disappears and my tv says "no signal".  I tried it on a different tv/hdmi and same issue.  Is there a step I am missing after the jailbreak and tethered boot to get it to work?

I have the same problem....

Same here...

I did the entire process again, all the way to getting the maintenance menu item to appear, but the wireless networking was not enabled. Went back to factory for now.

I'm having the same problem! After successfully installing Seas0nPass I just get the Apple logo on the TV. Some mod support would be greatly appreciated.

Same problem here!!! :(

Seems like a timing issue. See item #4 here: