Seas0nPass won't recognize Apple TV on DFU mode

On OS X [up-to-date] I ran Seas0nPass and it gave me a warning saying I should allow something I don’t remember to run in order to summon iTunes once everything was downloaded, I clicked on OK. I did its thing and when the time came to put my device in DFU I wasn’t quite sure how to manage, so I looked around on the web for some help. I did it over and over and over and the little window stayed the same all the time.

So I figured I must be doing it wrong. I booted into Windows 7, downloaded everything, including .NET Framework, and tried again, waited the five minutes or so to the DFU window and plugged in the Apple TV, I was tempted to plug it in before but I thought I was going to screw something up and resisted the urge–so, I plug it in and press the two buttons until Windows played the Device Plugged sound for the second time so I finally was sure I’m in DFU mode, as it happens with other iOS devices.

YET NOTHING HAPPENS. The window stays there, stating that it “Waiting for device to enter DFU mode…”

My Apple TV is a second generation one, running software version 5.0.2. I also reset the settings in an attempt to fix it but nothing. Should I just restore it? I understand that one in 5.1 I cannot go back. It has never been jailbroken before and I’ve been skipping the update to 5.1 everytime it asks me.

This is my first time jailbreaking an Apple TV though I’m very familiar with the process on iPhones and iPads.

I appreciate any help. Thanks again.



Nevermind, even though the Seas0nPass wasn’t responding I found the file it created and did it manually. :slight_smile: