Seas0npass won´t open

I´ve just updated to 5.0 and was going to jailbreak again but I´m having no luck of opening Seas0npass…I just get the rolling ring and I need to force quit in the end.

Have you tried restarting the computer?

Seas0npass latest version is not working for me either, i am running windows 7 64 and when i run it, never opens crashes immedietly.

Hi Guys,

Just bought an apple TV 2, upgraded to ios 5 and jailbreaked with seas0npass and no problems…

But as I need to do a tethered boot everytime I unplug it I was going through that an Seas0npass just won’t open!

I’m using Mac OS X 10.6.8 and ever since I jailbreaked I’m having troubles opening seas0npass… first it just took restarting the computer and then seas0npass would open, but right now I already rebooted a couple of times and nothing…

I really need some help guys, please!