Seas0npass will not start on Windows 7 x64/64 bit

Please try the new version that was released today as this should resolve your issue.


Thanks for everything. it works.


But now I have problem with 1604 error. I removed the ipsw from Software Updates. But it still continues.

l,m a bit slow with computers and tend to be a bit stupid with them b ut have tried for 2 days and l cannot get

Seas0nPass to open it will unzip extract then when l try to open it ......nothing,,,,l,m using windows 7 on a 64 bit


is anyone there??? been over a month and no reply???

Hi, i had the same problem as you guys , so i hope this fix it for you. im running windows 7 64bit  by the way.

run the registry editor,  look for it as regedit.exe

after the editor opens, go click by click on this line


after you clicked on the last line, look for something like this

INSTALL LOCATION    REG_SZ            C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes&nbsp;      <----- my problem was here, i had Itunes installed before on my hardk disk  F: , so it looked like this  

F:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes&nbsp;          .   all i had to do was to change it to the right hard drive where i  installed  iTunes, which is C:

i ran seas0npass after this tweak and  is working flawlessly.

if you need any help, just hit me up.



 let me know if it works for you