Seas0npass was updated to .9.4 (760)

Seas0npass was updated today to .9.4 (760) today and I can’t find out what has changed ? What does the upgrade ot Seas0npass indicate ?

Not only does this version STILL not recognize my 5.0.2 as an “eligible” version, but the new version of SP 9.4 now STOPS with version 4.4!  

There are no longer “right click” options for versions 4.1, 4.2, 4.2.1, or any of the four versions of 4.3.

I’m not quite sure what this means… anyone care to speculate?

Where did find the sp 9.4. to be dowloaded ?

I think I’ll stick with 0.92

There is no .9.4. It’s .9.3.2.

You clearly do no know what you are talking about.

Clearly hhhh. That was good. Mister I have windows7 I always download mine from firecore link for seasonpass When I do I check propriety and it showed .9.3. I uninstal it reinstall it and never get to see 0.9.4


I have to agree, both my old one and new one say “Version”


jeffreyr.9347, how did you get to that screen?

If you open Seasonpass on Mac it notifies of the Update.


THe current version is 0.9.4.

Thank god I’m not the only one hhhh


stop misleading poeple  there is no .9.4 in the link provided by firecore .again for window user  i dont have mac to tell .

I did not say the link was the actual donwload. The link shows the changes and shows the current version number of 0.9.4. To get the update you open the app and tell it to check for updates. It’s very easy but Windows makes it difficult…

The current version is stil 0.9.4 but now it is build number 765. So 0.9.4 (765)


are you using apple or window? cuz in my window it never gave me the option to upgrad like usual . and when download from the link is not updated  . usualy if there is any update it goes stright from the link .

I’m using a Mac of course… Why would you use Windows witn an Apple TV ???

I always use my win for Apple TV. It us compatible with all platforms
You want me yo spend $1000. So I can use my Apple TV hhhh
I will get a Mac from friend and see

The 0.9.4 update is for Mac only, the 0.9.4 version for Windows will be available soon.

If you’re currently jailbroken, there is nothing to gain by re-running Seas0nPass again.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the info.