Seas0npass upgrading

Hi guys, I have been running the tethered boot JB for my ATV2 since it came out about July last year. I use the ATV2 mainly to run xbmc.


I noticed there is now an un-tethered version of Seas0npass out now and was thinking of re-doing it straight over my existing one. So my question is, will this effect anything on xbmc? I would be upset to lose my watched history that xmbc manages but as I would prefer an untethered version of the JB i was thinking of upgrading.


Hope someone can advise. Regards


you will lose everything because it twill be restored and jail broken. I would do it in a heart beat so if I were you I would do it asap before apple stops signing 5.3 and you are stuck on a tethered jail break which sucks compared to an untethered jail break