Seas0nPass updated my 4.1 apple TV to 5.0.2?????

I bought an apple tv 4.1, and I used Seas0nPass to have it jailbroken, but I didn’t know that it would update to 5.0.2 without notice, is there something I could do to go back to 4.1?..before using Seas0nPass I tried to save SHSH with tiny Umbrella but they weren’t signing anymore, anyway I got a lot of SHSH files for all the version but with only 6kb length when trying to get SHSH.

So I assume that SeasonPass downloads the last signed version, in this case 5.0.2?..

Thank you!!!

SeasOnPass not updating to firmware 5.0.2, You need from Itunes to update to firmware 5.0.2 and next you use SeasOnPass to Jailbreak to firmware 5.0.2. Good luck

I run Seas0nPass and it took me to iTunes after running a script, I ended up with an Apple TV with 5.0.2, I didn’t update through iTunes otherwise I would have gotten the latest version on the Apple TV, so I am just trying to understand what happened.

Thank you!!

This is expected since Seas0npass downloads the latest jailbreakable version from Apple & creates a jailbroken version of it. Then it uses iTunes to restore your Apple TV. That’s why you are at 5.0.2.