Seas0nPass stalls at "Restoring in Itunes. Please wait while script is running."

I get as far as having Seas0nPass open itunes and recognize the apple tv and then nothing happens. the message Restoring in Itunes. Please wait while script is running appears in seas0npass. This post addresses the same topic but the person is using windows and i’m running osx 10.6.8:



can anyone help?



I am experiencing the same problem. Can someone provide a solution please

LO I’ve got the same problem and did exactly like others like this post


but no luck


Strange as it seems quite easy to jailbreak the ATV

I am experiencing the same problem. Can someone provide a solution please before this weekend

As far as I looked it seems that itunes 11 has changed the link with sesOnpass and we should use itunes 10.6.3 which works the best with the app.

But thats not the solution, i’m working now with iTunes 11.0.1

I gave u one solution change the itune’s version.


It seems to resolve the issues for many people on this forum

Oke thank you, but please can you help me how i can degrade iTunes whitout a lot of problems. Excuse my Englisch is not my language!

trash the old app.


instal the new one


It may ask you to delete an old list


Thank you so far, but can i delete the latest version and instal a older version? Whats will be happend with my muzik and the next problem is where can i find an older version.

You will find a olfd version here:


google my help you as well.


I’ve managed to install everything by using Itunes 10.7 

Hold Option and click Restore in iTunes. Browse to ~/Library/Application Support/Seas0nPass/Firmware/. Choose the IPSW in there and wait for it to restore. Done!

Apologies but I’m posting this everywhere in the forum because it worked for me after the same problems. I have to say though guys, you’re opening an awful lot of threads all asking the same question. Use the search first, that’s why it’s there:

This is the sloution I got to work, quoted from a response to another post:

I hope it works for you.