seas0npass says firmware signature saved, but....

I have an apple TV 2 currently running jailbroken 5.0.1

I just downloaded the latest version of seas0npass (0.95) with the intent to jailbreak to 5.3 on a windows 7 pro machine.

Prior to running the jailbreak, I wanted to save my current firmware just to be safe.

When I right click and choose “save firmware signatures,” go into dfu mode, the process runs to completion, giving a success message when complete.  However, the directory at C:\users<me>\documents\seas0npass\downloads is empty.  I assume this is where it is to be saved.

Looking at the log, I note a few error messages indicating that itunes.exe and ituneshelper.exe are not running.  I also noticed that seas0npass shuts these processes down as soon as I choose the option to save signatures.  Anyone know what is happening here?

Its more than a little unsettling to have a false positive success message, I’m hoping I’m just looking in the wrong place but kind of doubt it since the folder creation date matches the time I ran this process.


ETA I downloaded the latest version of itunes prior to attemting this, and after an unsuccessful attempt I uninstalled itunes and all apple products, rebooted and reinstalled itunes.  Attempted again with the same results.

The signatures are not saved locally by SeaonPass - they are saved on the web on the Cydia servers. This is also where SeasonPass looks for signatures when trying to jailbreak to a firmware version that is not one that Apple is still signing.

The folder you mention is where the 5.3 firmware is downloaded to and the jailbroken version created if you proceed to run the Create IPSW stage.

Good to know it’s not an issue.  Thanks for the reply.  Should I be concerned about the error in the log stating that itunes/helper is not running?