Seas0npass not saving shsh blobs

I have the newest version .093 and it says that it saved the file but when I navigate ot the documents/seas0npass/downloads folders there is nothing there. Any idea?

That is where a .ipsw file is saved.   The shsh blobs should be saved to the cydia servers and not locally on your PC/Mac.


Oh so the ipsw is the iOS version and the shsh is the firmware correct? How does the retrival process work when I need to retreive it or if the cydia servers go down? 

No - the .ipsw file is the firmware, and the shsh lobs are the digital signature for the firmware on your device. The .ipsw files ate MUCH bigger than the shsh blobs.

If the Cyril servers are down then you cannot access the shsh blob required to successfully jailbreak you device.

I see so if the cydia servers go down then we are screwed? Also what would happen if an older jailbroken version wants to upgrade to a newer ios’s jailbreak? Would I simply upgrade the ios via atv, then use seas0npass to do the jb again?