Seas0npass Not Jailbreaking ATV2

Hello All,

Hopefully someone can help. I have followed the jailbreaking guide here:

and done a teathered boot. Everything seems to go fine through the process except i am not getting the FC logo which would mean its not jail broken?

I’ve ran the IPSW 3 times now and tried the teathered boot 3 times with no sucess…

Anyone have any thoughts as to what could be going wrong.



also when i try to run atv flash black it states that the atv is not jailbroken…

Are you sure the correct IPSW is being restored? The jailbroken one will have _SP as part of the filename.

Hi, How can i tell which one it is restoring? The Seas0npass programme seems to run automatically? 

I’ve just ran it again and it appears to be selecting the correct IPSW…

Is there a way to manually select the file? I’m using a MB Pro?


ran it on a pc rather than mac.