Seas0nPass No worky!

Strange...completed all as stated....
upon install of aTV Flash Black...
HDMI input not showing?  Light on unit blinks when remote used to hit menu, play etc...but nothing on screen.
Reboot (menu/play hold) only brings up Apple logo.  Sits here for 30 min. ???
Any advice?

Have the exact same problem! However, Seas0nPass failed scripting iTunes to update, but did it manually. Now its not working, same sympoms as above.


Wish I'd never gotten into this whole mess.  Now I'm wasting hours on getting something to "work" that probably won't and not due to my error.  So frustrating.  Not giving up yet.  Just tried another Apple restore....see if I can even get it working in normal Apple mode.


yea same problem here... after a few tries finally got seas0npass to jailbreak and boot, but then as soon as i open atvflash to install the apps we're jailbreaking for to begin with i get a no signal! blue screen on the tv for 10 minutes, then an apple logo for 30+ minutes then i just shut it all off... i have no idea why they would release software that will jailbreak your appletv but then serves absolutely no purpose & breaks the atvflash software they develop??

OK Now its going!  8)

The triky is! When you have the iOS 4.1 on the ATV2 then make a Update to 4.1.1
After this you can make the Seas0nPass procedur.
When comes the error with not restore then go to iTunes and klick with "alt" on the restore (wiederherstellung) and take the new restore ISPW.

After this make the Boot Tethered

Der Trick ist folgender:
Macht ein Update auf die letzte Version im ATV2. Sprich iOS 4.1.1 ansonsten sagt iTunes beim Prüfen der ISPW das es nicht möglich ist.
Dann normal das Jailbreaken, falls die meldung kommt das es nicht restored werden konnte dann eben Manuel in iTunes.
Mit gedrückter alt Taste auf Wiederherstellen und die frisch erstellte ...restoreISPW auswählen.

Wenn das fertig ist dann noch den Boot Tethered machen und die ATV Black aufspielen.


I did do the Alt chose new ipsw file. 

Not working still.  Error 1600

OK, now got it to go all good until aTV Flash Black. 

Install successful. 

Black screen on TV.  Light on on aTV.  Blinks on remote usage.


I also get Error 1600 :(

Same Problem ... wasted hours!!!

Einmal hat es funktioniert, ich konnte auf nitoTV zugreifen aber nichts installieren!! Dann beim neustart nur das Apple Logo für 30 Minuten ..!! Bullshit ...!!!

I have the same problem too! Please help us!

Then you failed to properly get into DFU mode - please follow the HowTo - really - step by step. Ie. the unplugging USB inbetween is very important and check when you may have th epower cord connected and when not.

really on the lastest seas0npass ?  There was an updated version tonight ...

@rickl.60532 make sure you are using the beta 2 flashblack.dmg. I had the same problem and it was because I was installing beta 1 which wont work with 4.2.1

I have same issue. Failed the automated script, updated manually then successful tethered boot but nothing to screen. If i reboot, apple logo indefinately. I hope it gets resolved soon.