seas0npass is broken for 5.3.1 (last UN-tethered version available)

I’m thoroughly convinced that all firecore’s efforts are devoted to infuse now. The ATV silver flash was broken (for who knows how long) and thankfully after nagging them, they recently fixed it. (THANK YOU!!!)

Now, I’ve discovered that seas0nPass is broken. It does NOT recognize DFU mode. iTunes is telling me the device is in recovery mode, and I can play with ipsw files both there and in SP, but the software sits forever waiting to enter DFU mode. I’m 100% positive my ATV2 is in DFU. I’ve spent 3 DAYS learning everything there is to know about DFU, and have tried EVERY combination of tricks and suggestions. But they don’t matter if the software is broken.

Even the illustrations are wrong. They currently show a TETHERED JB. The 5.3.1 is untethered… who in their right minds would even want a tethered unit? Anytime the power goes out, you have to connect it back to the PC. Or if you put it on an outlet strip and shut it down when not using it… you have to reboot with a PC. Seriously, you should never even put out “tethered” software hacks.

I even tried using the prior release of SP from git, but it doesn’t work because some kind of connection to FC is broken for it.

so PLEASE fix your software - for all the products that got you to INFUSE. Seriously… if you don’t bother to maintain software… I really am wondering why I paid for the pro version of Infuse… as I’m expecting Infuse to quit working sometime in the next year or two when you’ve moved onto another project, based upon your track record with the flash and seas0npass projects :frowning: