Seas0nPass hangs on decrypting


I’m trying to jailbrake ATV2 (8F455 build) with Seas0nPass on Windows XP Pro with SP3 and .NET 4.0 installed, but unfortunatelly Seas0nPass hangs on “Decrypting file system…” process.


As you can see it’s starting vfdecrypt.exe process and then nothing happens. I’ve tried to download again IPSW file, even form different source, but it doesn’t seem to help. It just goes to this point, and hangs. After 30 minutes still nothing happens.

What can cause this problem and how to solve it?

I’m having the same problem. I’ve tried on both a windows xp sp3 and a windows 7 x64 (with compatability to xp sp3 on). The progam runs fine until it gets to the decrypting file system step, then hangs. I’ve tried letting it process for 8+ hours, to no avail. I’ve redownloaded the ipw file, re-downloaded sas0npass, reinstalled itunes. Any help would be appriciated.