Seas0nPass for 5.2.1 beta (Mac only)

For the brave at heart, a beta version of Seas0nPass (for Mac) that supports a tethered jailbreak of the latest 5.2.1 software can be found at the link below.

<link removed>

Note: Since this is a tethered version we don’t recommended current users update from 5.2 or earlier versions, but this will allow new users to get up and running.

Release versions for both Mac and PC should be available in the coming week.

Update: Link updated with new beta that defaults to 5.2.1 and fixes missing FC logo (jailbreak indicator).

Update 2: Release versions for Mac and PC can be found at

Thx for ur links. only tethered?

I am trying to do it but every time the ipsw is 5.2 and not 5.2.1. That means that apple does not sign the firmware!

Hmm, can you try right-clicking the Create IPSW button and selecting the 5.2.1 version manually?

Tethered only for now.  :frowning:

Oh thank God yes!! It was so easy!!!

is work fine, i have testet aTV Flash, XBMC. Thanks bro. :slight_smile:

When I go to preferences in SeasonPass the only options are 5.2 and 5.0.2.  What to do?

hi james, work the seas0npass with apple tv 3?

Is it 5.2.1._10B329a?

Will try now and report the progress.



Report1: Went through the jail break process and tethered boot. However, the unit won’t start, the light is keep on flashing. HELP!

Unfortunately, I can’t get this to work. After jailbreaking (right-clicking to specify 5.2.1) and tethered-booting (again, right-clicking to choose 5.2.1), the ATV starts but does not appear to be jailbroken at all. Anything I can do to debug?


I get the same thing.  Just a flashing light . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hello, after tetherd boot, dont cut the power. remove the usb and plug the hdmi cabel in. then work.


That’s what I do.  I get the flashing light.  I know enough NOT to unplug the power.  The Light Never stops blinking.  Only way I can get it to stop is to click the “Boot Tethered” but when I plug the ATV2 in it does’t seem to be jail broken.  I get no FC icon or anything like that on the screen.

Same here


Tried multiple times using method then when doing tethered JB no FC icon


Any tips

Yeah, I did that… Plugged in USB + power, did tethered boot, waited until Seas0nPass said “Tethered boot complete!”, unplugged USB, plugged in HDMI, and then no FC logo on the Settings icon.

I have two apple tv’s version 2 and am unable to jailbreak either one.  One is running 4.2.1 and the other 5.2.1.  When trying to jailbreak message pops up and says something about “device not eligible for requested build”  what gives?


I did try the tethered version and go this message : Process failed with reason : Filesystem mount failed!!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


For your information you will not see the fs red button on the screen! Just install atv after tethered boot and done! This jailbreak works just fine!! Seasonpass it then tethered boot and then atv! I have installed xbmc and it works just fine!

How do you “install atv”? I don’t see that option anywhere after the tethered boot, but I may have missed it.