Seas0nPass & AppleTV 4.3 (8F455)

Seas0nPass needs an update for the new 4.3 (8F455) software that was released on August 1st. An update is currently in the works, and we plan to have it available soon.

As always, it’s a good idea to backup your SHSH blobs to ensure you can downgrade your AppleTV in the future (

Keep an eye on this space for updates.

Update 8/19: The new 4.3 compatible version of Seas0nPass is now available.

How many weeks? I updated by mistake and I can’t downgrade. I just bought it so I might return it and get a new one that has the jailbreakable OS on it.

I just want to let you know that i was able to downgrade from 8f455 to 8f305.

  1. install tinyumbrella and save shsh for the device, uncheck the “set host in cydia” under advanced. SHSH is saved for 4.3.3 (8f305), 4.4b1(9A5220p),  4.4b2(9A5248d)  4.4b3(9A5220f) (first time I save shsh for the device)

  2. Download and install seas0npass, create ipsw

  3. before connecting the usb and entering dfu i opened tinyumbrella and startes tss server

  4. connect usb en entering dfu

  5. itunes opens up and i have to hold alt (option) and select the ipsw myself in my /user/ cataloge.

  6. done, everything works and my atv is jailbreaked.

Hope this can help you.


I tried to run season pass for the new apple update which didnt work but one it created the ispw file I did a restore in itunes and selected the software that seasonpass made.  works fine no issues

@ raymondc
Do you see Vimeo under the Internet menu? If not, then you’re not running the latest iOS version (4.3). My guess is your ipsw gave you v4.2.2. This version lacks Vimeo and the new cloud feature.

I can confirm what alchamy was writing. Worked fine for me as well. Had just bought the ATV2 (came with 4.1.1) and upgraded as first thing. Only then I checked for Seas0nPass and noticed that I should not have upgraded. But as said the downgrade from 8F455 to jailbroken 8F305 was no problem.

Here’s hoping we hear from you guys soon.  My Apple TV is great for XBMC but is useless on the iTunes store right now since it is on the old ISPW.  Any news on the update front?

Release Date???

@ James

is a release date far away? can  u give us anything? i’d love to buy and rent tv shows but don’t want to loose my jailbreak. thanx.

I just wanted to say that I followed the instructions that alchemy has left and i’ve successfully downgraded the apple software update.  I still have all the apple functionality plus I now have TV flash black installed :).  It took me a couple of attempts but when I carefully followed the instructions it worked straight away.

I keep trying alchemy’s instructions step by step and am getting error 1601. One thing I notice is that after connecting the usb and putting it into dfu mode is in iTunes there appears to be two Apple TVs. What am I doing wrong? I’ve checked the hosts file and everything is fine there.

When will we be the Release of the JB?

denpub, try to remove user/documents/tethed and re-run the process. I think I had some problems with it another time, a ipsw file that only weight around 34mb.


Throw me in the pile – I’d love to know what kind of timeframe we’re hoping for on the updated JB.

Getting close. Hopefully this week (fingers crossed).


I struggled getting my aTV jail broken, and this is what I found got in my way:

  1.  Turn off Web Sharing (it prevents Tiny Umbrella from doing it’s thing)

  2.  I had to manually add the ECID into Tiny Umbrella  (this is the page that really helped me: )

  3.  I had to turn on the TSS server in Tiny Umbrella to block iTunes from checking in with Apple to see if the firmware I was loading in was OK

  4.  THEN I ran Seas0nPass  (and it worked the SECOND time I ran it)


So far it’s working great… I am running the Jail Broken 4.2.2 (sorry if this is the wrong thread…)

Hello… I don’understand why when I started Seas0n it try to’ download the FW but it’s blocked… Not download appear… Can you gelo me? Thnx.


I’ve been jailbreaking iPhones since the beginning.  I know how much work it is to get these packages right and ready for public consumption.  Being new to the AppleTv, I just wanted to stop and say thanks for your hard work in getting this out for us. 

I have 4.3 (2557), is it possible to jailbreak my appletv? Is 2557 and 8F455 the same?

Zarge, They are working on an update for ATV2s running the new 4.3 firmware. I believe 2557 is the build number (my Apple TV says 4.3 (2557) as well), but it’s possible when James originally wrote this thread talking about 4.3 there was a different build. That’s my guess at least. Hope that helps.