Seas0npass 0.9.7 + OSX Yosemite 10.10 Problems

Anyone having a problem with this setup?

Everything works fine until the use of restoring using itunes, which crashs seas0npass but my main problem is the jailbreak isnt creating the SP Restore file.

i used an older version of seas0npass version 0.9.5 and it created the SP restore file but itunes cant restore with it. (error 1600 on mac) (error 1604 on pc)

I’m also using VMware Workstation 10 (Running Yosemite 10.10) under Windows 10 Pro.

I spent 6 hours last night, 0.9.7 OS X yosemite on a Mac Book Pro and then tried on a clean Mini Mac - failed to restore f/w error at the end every time

Tried the 0.9.6 and that failed half way through

6 hours of my life wasted, contacted support - not interested

Read all the forum posts and haven’t got an answer other than its probably broken

Well my opinion is that Seas0npass should be advertised that it isn’t support has no real tutorials that are any good and will waste days of your life and wont break an ATV2

This is beta software that is useless in my opinon

I have scoured the internet and have come up with nothing - support is USELESS

Ok so I just used the windows version which is now up and running and the ATV successfully jailbroke on first attempt!

Thanks guys

What version of Windows, I have tried Win7 Pro and get loads of different errors, don’t even get as far a fw restore failed like i do on OSx

I’m using Windows 10 Pro

I just run the program as administrator, make sure its only USB connected and it does its thing.

just ran it twice no problems