Seas0nPass 0.9.2 (beta) w/ iFaith Signatures

Sounds like a bug for slow PCs. Check your PM for an alternative build.

Hi guys just after some quick advice. If i purchased a atv 2 running 5.2 or less would i be able to get an untethered jb using this method or would i automatically be updated to 5.2.1? Any advice would be much appreciated as im only a novice but will give anything a try.

The whole idea of this method is to get the shsh blobs for the version of firmware that is currently installed so you can jailbreak that release.  

As long as the installed release is one for which there is an untethered jailbreak you will therefore be able to jailbreak it to that release using this new method. 

If it is one for which there is no jailbreak, or for which the jailbreak is tethered then your only sensible course of action would be to  upgrade to 5.2.1 and the tethered jailbreak.

Doesn’t tiny umbrella do the same thing as ifaith but tiny umbrella is for Mac and PC?

Just purchased one running 5.2 so will see how i go. I have an atv 2 already which was at 5.2.1 when i purchased it, which im using the tethered jb on. There’s no possible way to downgrade that without having saved shh blobs is there? Anyway thanks for the reply, much appreciated

Kind of. TinyUmbrella fetches the blobs only for the firmwares Apple is actively signing. iFaith can do this too but the actual part its known for is dumping. Concept is basically you bought a new iDevice and it got shipped with a firmware Apple is no longer signing or just forgot to grab them directly from Apple. With this, you can dump whatever blobs/apticket is on the device and be able to re-restore/downgrade in the future.

Not really. TU uses full blobs (SHSH blobs obtained when Apple is still signing) and iFaith can dump partial blobs (SHSH blobs from the firmware that is installed regardless if Apple is signing or not).

TU is mainly for people with saved blobs who wishes to install older firmwares after Apple closes the signing window. It does it by ‘fooling’ iTunes thinking it’s legit. TU is not often used on jailbreaking ATV2s because seasonpass can do the same thing by getting blobs from Cydia servers.

iFaith however, does it differently. It can dump blobs (aka partial blobs) from the version that’s currently installed even if Apple closes the signing window. Partial blobs, however, needs to be stitched to an IPSW and requires you to go into pwned DFU mode before running iTunes.



I have testet. ver. 4.3 not work.

Can you PM me your SP_Debug.log? This can be located by selecting the ‘Show Log In Finder’ option from the Seas0nPass --> Help menu.

Worked great to restore 5.2 on 2 of my friends ATV’s :slight_smile: Just wanted to say thanks for the post and hopefully windows users will get a change to get back and running before untethered release of 5.2.1 :slight_smile: You rock FireCore - always up to date!!


here do can download it.


it was very simple if fallow instruction so smooth  basically they made it so easy even cave man can do it lol 

am trying but no success. i don’t know screen blank after jailbreak itunes says restored. seasonpass finished screen comes with OK button.

Please help us to solve this issue.

I have Apple2 Model.

1st I have updated with iTunes it is showing Apple screen perfect. the

I purchased aTV Flash and started strugling for JailBreak using SeasonPass. also downloaded new version also but without success.


Apple TV

Model: MC572LL/A

Apple Software: 5.2.1 (6025)

OS Built: 6.1.3 (10B329a)

Using iFaith also not able to JailBreak.

It restored from downloaded file but not jail break done?



If you already are in 5.2.1 and you didn’t save your shsh blobs while you were on a jailbreakable version, it’s not going to be possible my friend

Any update on the windows version I keep getting an error on OSX that says “process failed with reason: Filesystem patches failed”

ive tried running seas0npass from the root and home directory with no avail…  :frowning:


If am in 5.2.1 then how to save shsh blobs while on a jailbreakable version? Please explain.

Also I used iFaith and atlast amost a 3 weeks struggle I am able to install aTV Flash 

but after 1 times seen screen as I installed Media Player and XBMC installtion screen goes blank.

Please help asap.

James, that worked brilliantly mate. Thanks to everybody who has been working on this latest version i tried it on a previously non jailbroken atv2 on 5.1.1 and it worked first time!

Every time you also have to do the tethered if power removed? I can use old version if they are not required tethered after every time you remove power! Please reply ASAP.

Is 0.9.2 (beta) just a downgrade software or is it  a combination of downgrade and jailbreak at the same time. 

All versions of SeasonPass can downgrade if you already have blobs for the target release.  What is new about this beta firmware is the ability to extract the blobs from the already installed firmware.  This means that even if Apple is not longer singing that release you can still jailbreak the ATV to that release.