Seas0nPass 0.8.8

Have just upgraded to the new seas0npass and when I try and jailbreak, its get to the iTunes stage then Seas0npass quits unexpectedly!!

I have latest iTunes and am using a Mac.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems.





Yes I am.

I have the same issue.  Getting 1602, 1602 and sometimes 1604 issues.

No-one can tell me that it is wrong USB port because it was fine the other day when I was jailbreaking.

I have even jailbroken using this Mac since using 0.8.8 but Seas0npass has started quitting unexpectedly before it loads script for restoring SP.ipsw.  I cannot say for sure if it ever loaded that file or I previously, when it worked on 0.8.8, whether I had manually loaded the file.

With some Apple TV’s, they will JB on a PC OK but not on Mac.

I think it can be different for every Apple TV.

Someone please advise.

Am on iTunes 11.0.1 (12) on Mac.

download iTunes 10.6.3 it work better with seas0nPass 0.8.8

This guy is absolutely correct.

I have done this prior to reading his reply as I thought a downgrade might be in order and 10.6.3 is the one I chose as it is still available on Apple service.  Simply type “iTunes 10.6.3 Download” into Google or similar search engine.

From memory, I think it is DL1575 on Apple website