Search on infuse for Apple TV taking too long

When I search for something on infuse for Apple TV 4K 2nd gen, I get a spinning gear for 2 to 4 minutes before results show up. It doesn’t do this on my iPhone. It shows up immediately. I tried refreshing the cache. I also tried using the beta app. I tried deleting the app and then downloading the app again from the App Store and it still does the same thing. Please help.

I noticed a slow down all around on atv. as of late as I cant get the optimization orange popup to show ever after syncing.

How large is your library?

There are some scenarios where users with very large libraries could see slower search results, and this is mainly due to the massive number of cast list entries Infuse needs to parse through.

This is an area we want to improve for a future update, and you can follow this thread for updates.

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I have 729 movies and 6,316 tv episodes. It’s not slow on my iPhone or iPad just the Apple TV. All my movies and tv shows are on google drive.

Clearing metadata resolved issue with search and collections. The issue has been fixed.


It appears that the issue reported here is unrelated to the original issue described in the linked post (by James) :). I remain eager, nonetheless, for an update on allowing the ability to limit search/indexing criteria (ie remove cast all together, episode titles from search) as it heavily impacts larger library sizes.

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