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Why can’t we type the name of the movie manually to search for the subtitles? :: Sometimes file names have to be typed manually in order for them to appear

We want to write the name of the movie manually … Look at this application that puts the name automatically … You can also write manually

Sometimes the movie links, when placed in the Apple TV, in the name appear different, so when we search for the subtitles, it says there is no

We must provide an option for us to manually type the name of the movie in the subtitle search field

See this app very good auto and manually

For example, when I search for Infuse, the results appear, there is no… But when I search with another application by manually writing the name, the subtitle appears

You can type the movie’s name manually to get it correctly identified (if it was misidentified during import) by using the “edit metadata” function.

If correctly identified, it will search OpenSubtitles’ database (I assume you are referring to Infuse’s built-in subtitle search feature) by movie title and release year.

If you are requesting to search for subtitles by querying not by the movie’s proper title, but by the specific filename name of the copy you downloaded as assigned by the syndicate that released the torrent — perhaps to make it easier to find a subtitle track that syncs well with the version of rip you downloaded … that might be better communicated by requesting a feature to search subtitles by filename (as an alternative to searching subtitles by title and release year) or, perhaps better yet, and additional post-search option to filter search results by filename.

Basing this on the image you posted; and can’t really think of any other reason you wouldn’t want to search by the content’s proper title.

I know that…but there are movies, for example, with Arabic subtitles, for which there is only one file and it is compatible with most copies…when searching through infuse, it comes up with a message that there is no subtitle…and when writing the name of the movie manually in other programs, it comes with subtitles

Why don’t we provide the option to erase the movie name and write manually

Is the movie itself identified correctly?

Is the default subtitle language set to Arabic?

Yes, I know that. Arabic or English has been selected…and there are subtitle, but in the application it appears that there is no…but when written manually, it appears

It’s simple, not impossible

It comes with the name of the movie Automatic
But with an option, we can erase the name of the movie and write it manually (I don’t know why we complicate things)

This is one of the examples: : The subtitles are available on opensubtitle, but when searching automatically, the subtitles do not appear … but when you type only me and me, the subtitles will appear

The best solution especially on Apple TV

The name of the movie comes automatically… With an option we can change the name of the movie and write it manually

I hope to do that as soon as possible

This app
Web video cast
Mx player

It searches by the name of the movie automatically
But you can also erase the movie name and write manually

That’s not the name of the movie — that’s the name of the file.

If that file isn’t part of the library (meaning it hasn’t been indexed and matched to a title in TMDB’s database yet), odds are you won’t have luck searching because OpenSubtitles API can’t process unfiltered filenames like that.

Infuse needs to first index a file to figure out which movie it actually is, in order for it to forward that information to open subtitles.

I’d suggest renaming the files if you don’t want them indexed.

I can see why you want to be able to edit the search terms when searching subtitles; and perhaps others will see the value in that … I’m not sure Infuse will want to go that way but if your suggestion gets a lot of support from other users they might just decide it’s a feature worth adding.

I know the / also file name is very similar to the subtitle name and so didn’t find it

We can also change stored filenames…but we can’t change filenames from links

It’s better if they let us type by hand when we can’t find the subtitle

On the iPhone, the situation may be a little easier. We can download the subtitle and call it up from the files

But on the Apple TV, the matter is very bad. We cannot type manually, and we cannot transfer a downloaded subtitle

Waiting for the specialists

Sometimes when playing some direct movie links…the name of the movie is in the link, for example

When we are looking for subtitles, there is no
We have to write manually and Infuse does not allow that!

For me the way to view my status
Put the movie link in infuse and watch
I don’t want to download or store the movie and change the file name

For me the way to view my status
Put the link of the movie on the iPhone, go to Apple TV in icloud, and watch
I don’t want to download or store the movie and change the file name

Use it temporarily (we are waiting for the option to put the direct link on the Apple TV and paste the link via the Apple TV remote control application) is better than iCloud

Infuse uses the TMDB/IMDB ID numbers for movies and shows to match titles on OpenSubtitles.

If you have movies with random filenames like ‘729273827.mkv’ you can use the Edit Metadata option in Infuse to match these to the correct title on TMDB.

Once this is done, Infuse can then download subtitles (along with metadata and artwork) for these videos.

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