Search issue for titles with apostrophes

Idk If its also an issue with the AppleTV I only tested on phone. Newest update of app and IOS. A specific example of my search issue is with the movie “You’re Next”. I have the movie, on my share it is labeled “You’re Next 2011”. It shows up under movies fine. searching “You’re Next, Youre Next, youre next, you’re next” does not bring up the movie and says “nothing found”. typing “Next” shows the movie “you’re next” as an option and can be chosen no problem.

This may be an issue with the search logic being a bit too strict, as it seems TMDB includes a straight apostrophe for this title but the iOS keyboard only includes a smart apostrophe.

Pasting in the title with a straight apostrophe does show the correct result.

There is probably room for improvement here.

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Yup. I’d rename the actual files using [your] PC or Mac so that searching results hit correctly without needing the manual override.