Search functionality in 5.6.9 has been hampered

The kids were telling me that the search function on Infuse doesn’t work anymore and that they need a password. I didn’t believe them until I checked myself.

Prior versions allowed the kids to search for their material and PIN code protection on folders ensured they could never play content I didn’t explicitly allow. Now, they have lost the ability to search.
Could you fix up this regression in the next delta please?

This was actually added by design, as content from PIN protected folders can be accessed via the Search option.

In place of search, you might look at adding a home screen favorite for kids related content. You can add favorites for these videos by browsing through the Library to find a genre or age rating, and long-pressing on one of these categories to add a favorite.

Thanks James.
I already have folders for kid specific content (TV & movies) on the home screen.

I suppose my point is that whilst I understand that the prior search service showed ALL content and allowed you to navigate to the information screen of that content, it did not let you play it if it fell under a PIN protected folder unless you entered the PIN.
Now, you can’t even get into the search function without a PIN. This would be considered a poor user experience.
I’m OK with having to use a PIN code to enter the Settings menu, and also anytime I want to edit metadata, but Search should be available to all users.

Could I ask you to consider the different use cases that many different types of users may have when you look at this next? I understand it is difficult to build a solution that meets the needs of the many, but hampering a basic function like search due to having some parental controls in place is a bridge too far for me …

Thanks for your understanding. Love your product. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the feedback.

What we’ll probably look at here is a setting in the Parental Controls section which will allow search to be locked or unlocked when Parental Controls are enabled.

Terrific news! Many thanks.

If no PIN is entered in the search, could the search return those item which are not in a PIN protected folder, while if a PIN is entered it returns the search from all folders?

That’s an interesting idea, and something we may consider for the future.

Keeping it fresh !!!

That sounds perfect - thanks James! Linking my related post…

We’ve implemented this, and will be making it available as part of 5.7.2 which is due out soon. :smiley:

Thanks James! Tested and working well in beta 3 for me :slight_smile:

Thanks James. Looking forward to 5.7.2 and Search being back in use as before.

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