Search filter for NAS folders and files

I’ve always wondered why infuse iOS doesn’t have search filter when browsing through NAS files and folders. Looking at nPlayer for iOS this seems to be already functional. Is there any plan to incorporate this?

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Infuse’s search will include any and all items which are present in the Library.

You can adjust which folders/favorites are included in the Library through the Settings > Library menu.

Hi James
That only searches for things on my phone. I wanted to be able to find files when I connect to my NAS drive with my iOS infuse. NPlayer has this functionality built into it.

How are you connecting to your NAS? Are you using UPnP or DLNA by chance?


Are you able to connect to this device using SMB or NFS instead? This will allow you to utilize search in Infuse.

Thanks James
Something about upnp that I really like so I’ll just wait till you guys implement search with upnp :slight_smile:

I’m curious, what do you like about UPnP compared to other options?

Streaming-wise things should be about the same, and if you use SMB you would be able to take advantage of Infuse’s Library features.

Hi James
Thanks for your interest - this is something that I’m really really keen for implementation please…
Upnp is very snappy in loading my nas folder lists compared to smb… I realise I’m not getting other benefits like file management delete function etc with upnp but I don’t mind… please please implement it…

As James suggested, you may find the Library just as snappy as your UPNP/DLNA connection if you switch over to SMB and try the library feature. You can create favorites from the library so you don’t have to drill down to the sorts you prefer.

Thanks, I have tried these features with smb and do understand its pros and cons but upnp will always be faster even just by a few seconds/milliseconds :slight_smile:
The advantage of upnp is the nas does a lot of indexing etc so the client can be lazy…
Anyway, it would be good if we can implement it but I guess you will weigh up how desperate the community is before doing it…

Actually, using SMB may in fact be faster than UPnP.

The reason for this is SMB allows you to use Infuse’s Library feature, which is fully cached on your device. This means you would be able to browse your movies and TV shows without accessing the server at all, and the only time you would need to connect would be is when you selected a video to play.

James… I have switched it on and using the library feature now - but doesn’t this mean that whenever I fire up infuse on my iPhone it’s scanning the entire nas folder to detect changes (thus using more battery etc)? My nas folder changes everyday with addition of files etc

Infuse will scan and index your share when new videos are added, but this is usually pretty fast.