Search feature not working?

Did someone break the search feature on the Home Screen? Tried to search by actor and only a few titles were found.
Use latest infuse and appletv 4K 3rd gen if that makes a difference.

What version of tvOS?
What version of infuse?
How are you connected to your media? SMB, NFS, Plex, etc.?
Did you make sure that your library finished syncing?

I keep everything updated, not sure which versions. Are certain versions not working?
Just use infuse and a couple nas drives. No issues for infuse finding them by favourite folders.
I was making a playlist and decided to use search to check if I had them all. Search didn’t find half the movies I had already added to the playlist.
Never use the search except on occasions like this.

Not that we’re aware but we do have some users that still use version 6 and earlier and some users aren’t using the current version but think they are so telling us the actual version number helps eliminate many possible problems. The same goes for the device OS some users choose to delay updates or not update at all.

Then to add to this when some users say “the latest” they mean they are using a beta of either Infuse or the device OS beta so that’s why we ask for specifics.

Did you verify that the actor you searched for was actually listed in other shows or movies but was missing from the search? What actor? What movie or show do you have that the actor is listed but didn’t show in the search?

tvOS 16.4.1, infuse pro 7.5.2
Sorry, I wasn’t near the system to get info earlier.
I was making playlists by actors since there’s no smart lists.
I had to install Kodi on laptop to find the movies and completed the playlist.
I now run the search on infuse and get 12 out of 24 movies by the actor for example.

One photo shows search and other shows most of the playlist

Are you using Infuse’s native database indexing feature (that queries TMDB), or are you perhaps using either Plex/ Emby/Jellyfin and/or are your files accompanied by .nfo or .xml metadata?

Just use infuse and the metadata it gets from tmdb

Here’s an example………I went to movies under sort by release date as seen above.
The movie Ride The High Country is there, also shows in previous pic of playlist, but does not show in the search results pic.

When you search for movies by the actor, did you click on the actor profile in the search results?

Yes, and how else would you search by actor?

I don’t understand your picture then. Why would movies show up in the upper portion and the actor below? Actor won’t show up if you selected them. Movies shouldn’t show up in search, just the actor.

I go to the search on upper left of Home Screen. Typed in actors name, a couple movies showed plus actors picture. I click on actor to bring up his movies. If there is another way to search, I’m not aware of it.

Can you do that search again and click on the actor and show that screenshot? Actors profile shouldn’t show up

Ok, I think I got this figured out.
If only the actor profile shows up when I type in the name, I click it and the search results work.

Sometimes when the actor profile shows up with a few movie titles is where I have had the issue. Sometimes when I click the profile, nothing happens and I thought that was the results. Clicking 2 or 3 times did make the search continue.

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I believe, by design, typing into the home-screen search box should return results for all movies, tv shows, collections, and crew and cast members that fit the entered search terms. With a completed database (all collection titles fully indexed) the list should update automatically (and be further refined) as you type more characters into the search box.

Ex: Type “John” you might see “John Wick”, the “John Wick Collection”, and about ten-thousand actors named John Something or Something John.

Continue typing until you spell out “John Cleese” and you should see far fewer results.

If I recall correctly, that search shouldn’t list any Monty Python movies or A Fish Called Wanda because his name isn’t in the title. But if you click on the actor’s head shot, it should take you to a page listing all his movies (that you have in your collection).

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