Search error on screen

hi first off thanks for reading

My Apple TV 2 is running 5.3 jail time using Season pass

I updated and then had my blobs saved went back to 5.3 to have a fresh software

Ran the ntio installer.

Had nito xbmc kodi on it

Started crashing constantly

Dumped the cache and cleaned up files uninstalled xbmc and left kodi and nito on Apple TV

Settled a bit but not much.

My internet is direct to Apple TV and am with upc here in Ireland have a 250mbs speed ( well that’s what it’s supposed to be b@@@@@ds never get near it )

I now have a little blue book bottom right saying ( search error no results )

Now it’s kind of stable I can search I get results etc and can watch some films TV shows etc. few crashes still happening

I tried every setting I could from notifications to cache to maintenance check etc I can’t get rid of it and it’s driving me mental
I haven’t installed any extra ad ons just ran the configure wizard and left it do it for me and I then deleted a few of which I wouldn’t use

Any help appreciated

Thanks agin