Search doesn't work immediately after a library rebuild

Hi Infuse team,
In the processing of debugging my annoying age ratings issue, I have needed to clear the metadata on a number of occasions. After the library has been rebuilt, I normally have to clean up the handful of movies that it doesn’t quite match correctly.

You go into Search, enter the title/keyword and you get nothing / nada / zilch.

Problem is easily corrected by leaving and re-entering the app.

Search should become available once Infuse has completed it’s first full scan. You can check the current progress through Settings > Library.

100% certain I waited until the Library progress indicator shows as complete.

Did it twice just to be sure I wasn’t false reporting a potential issue. No big deal as the workaround is easy and doesn’t prevent Infuse from working correctly.

Perhaps I just need to be a little more patient ;-(

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