Search completely broken - please fix

I use the search function for my movie collection. As of today all i get is a spinning progress wheel in the top right.

Videos play no problem. Just the search function that is completely broken. Please fix this asap as it is very frustrating with a large library.

Apple TV, fully up to date, Infuse pro subscription.

Never been a problem before but I would not expect such a simple piece of functionality to fail on a premium app.

I know you say it’s up to date but it’d help eliminate some possibilities if you post the version number of Infuse and the tvOS version number along with the model of ATV.

Have you tried restarting the ATV?

That’s fair.

When i say fully up to date i mean software:

Apple TV 4K 2017(?)
TV os 16.1
Infuse Pro 7.4.8 (4299)

Have tried restarting the atv, closing and restarting the infuse app, restarting NAS drive.

Videos play without issue….just the search function failing me.

On the Library settings page, what message are you seeing below the Movies, TV Shows, Other and what message are you seeing on the iCloud sync button on the right side of that page?

How many movies, tv shows, and other?

Just trying to get an idea of what you’re working with. :wink:

1921 Films
585 TV
4 Other

I noticed it said syncing with iCloud with a wheel spinning….i wondered if that could be causing the problem……i turns off iCloud syncing and still got the same issue with searching even after restarting the app.

So unless it some how has a corrupt iCloud sync then i am not sure that is the issue.

Just to add, i have just let the icloud sync complete and the search problem still exists.

The app is freezing quite a lot tonight as well. I have had to force quit a few times.

All the other apps are working without issue.

Do you think it is worth clearing the metadata and letting it rescan overnight (almost 11pm UK time here(

Have cleared the 1.7gb cache, restarted the atv and am now letting it rescan the library.

Will report back in the morning but quickly testing the search now (whilst it is still rescanning) some search results are popping up……so looks promising!!!

You really should leave the iCloud sync on. That reduces the time to rebuild by a lot.

I would suggest instead of just rebuilding as long as iCloud sync is on I’d delete the app, restart the atv and then download Infuse again and when you launch it the first time after reinstalling it just go to the library settings screen and let it sit. It should say syncing with iCloud and it will be faster.

This will eliminate any corrupt data in the app and prefs.

I have followed the instructions and it has not worked. The app has slowed down considerably in the past couple of days and the search is unusable.

Has there been a recent release that could have broken something? Infuse used to be great app before this so I am confused as to why it has suddenly become unusable. Search takes >1min to return any results.

Wired, Ethernet connection.

All other apps running smoothly….only infuse is struggling.

Nothing recent for Infuse for over 2 weeks so that wouldn’t be the issue. We’ve seen issues come up after a few NAS updates in the past that caused some settings being reset to default on the NAS.

After your rebuild did you let it get to the "Last Updated… " message on the Library settings screen and the Last iCloud sync message to the right of that?

Also meant to ask what you meant by this? Slowed down how?

I checked my search on my 2017 ATV4K yesterday running the same versions as you and it was nearly instantaneous with results. I have nearly 2K movies and 20K+ TV episodes and it found both show names and people instantly.

A few more questions if you’re up to it.

What protocol are you connected to your NAS with? SMB, FTP, DLNA, Plex, ETC?

What other devices do you have Infuse on?

Would you try to do a search and let it struggle through it and then send in a diagnostics report and post the code here? Maybe the dev can see something.

Thanks for hanging in there! :+1:

Not sure what has happened. Followed your instructions. Allowed it to complete all updates and iCloud syncs and the performance was appalling……2 hours later it seems to have snapped back to normal and search is snappy again.

No obvious reasons. Not the first time performance has dipped but never this bad.

For now it is working well. Go figure.

Does infuse do any processor intensive activities without declaring them in the user interface??

I don’t think that Infuse does background tasks of any significance without giving you an indicator like the spinning wheels.

Apple does do background tasks and even more of them since they started the background app refreshing where apps can do updates when in the background. I’d check on the ATV settings and see what has permissions to do background app refresh. I set mine to only allow Infuse to do this and it seemed to help a lot.

To answer the previous question, I mean that when i open the app i was getting a spinning circle in the centre of the screen (presumably an infuse one as it wasnt the apple one). On occasion the app was completely freezing and i was having to force quit and restart.

I am running a Synology ds920+ with smb3 protocol.

Also use infuse on iPad Pro m1 and MacBook Pro 16” 2019. Neither were having issues but i used them much less regularly.

Yes i received the “last updated message” once the iCloud sync had completed.

Either way as per my previous response for now it is behaving well again so cannot submit a ‘poor’ diagnostic……but will do if it happens again.

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Glad to here that! It very well could have been just a case of a corrupted app and the reinstall did the trick. I use the 920+ with SMB and it’s been stellar for me.

Let us know if you have any more problems.

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