Search capability needed

Is it possible to implement a search capability. I have more than 400 movies on a 2TB hargrove that is set up for torrent uploading. It is quite time consuming finding new downloads. Although they are arranged alphabetically, there in a series of alphabetical groups!

The library has a section for recently added and there is a search in Infuse. The Library has multiple ways of sorting movies including release dates and genres so a bit more detail on what you’re wanting to search or sort by would help.

Also, what version number of Infuse are you using?

I am using Infuse Pro on a Apple TV, 3rd or 4th generation. All the movies are stored on a 2TB external hard drive connected to an old Macpro laptop running El Capitaine. I usually choose a movie by displaying the hard drive’s contents which usually takes longer and longer as the drive fills up! Then it displays every movie on the drive. I haven’t noticed any search facility in this mode. I do see search if i get out of this display…up in the top left hand corner

There are many versions of Infuse Pro out there, that’s why giving the version number helps.

How do I find the version number?

Go to Settings and scroll to the bottom.

You’ll need to add items to the library if you want to search them.

Make sure the folders you want to search are included in the library.

I have 7.5.3 Infuse Pro yearly subscription

As I said above, there isn’t a search feature for items not imported into the library. You can’t run a search without a database to search, and the Library is Infuse’s database.

The folder browser is just that - a folder browser. It lets you easily find stuff when you already know where it is. :wink: