Search bug

When using the search option on the upper left corner of the main screen, I’ve come across a bug.
I have atv4k and latest infuse updated.
The issue is when I do a search from the search keypad and find something, I then move the cursor over to an found item on the right leaving the keypad. If I return to the keypad to change or edit the search, the move up button does not work. I can move left and right and down, but not up.
If I exit back from the keypad and enter again through the search option, the upward movement does work.

Are you using the original Siri remote or are you using a aftermarket remote?

When you say

What do you mean by “on the right”? My results display below the keypad in scrolling lists on the search screen.

My search produced a rectangle keypad on the left upper corner of the screen, where I scrolled left and right plus up and down. My results were on the right.
Now my search produces a straight line where I scroll only left and right. The results are now below.
What changed?

This is what use to see main tv and still do on one Other tv.

That’s the way it’s been since at least version 5.1 and I think even before.

I’ve not seen the setup like your showing.

What version is the one showing the pad on the left?

I thought it was the latest.

I’m clueless. I don’t know why you’d see two different search screens on the same version. Unless there’s a settings somewhere that affects that I really am at a loss.

@james What’s going on here? :thinking:

You asked earlier about remote, I use a Harmony remote with a Harmony hub to control all my equipment.
I think I might have an idea, if the new search is a straight line of letters and doesn’t use the up movement after returning to the letters, when I move back to the old style keypad the move up button Doesn’t work because I’m seeing the wrong search screen.
So the bug is I’m seeing the wrong screen.

So, if I understand correctly, you have 2 TVs both with ATVs and both running version 6.4.9 of Infuse. When you select the “Search” function on the upper left of the home screen then on one you see the single line search entry box at the top and on the other you see the keypad type of text entry on the left side. Both are set to use the harmony remote in the ATV settings or are you using the Siri remote on one?

They both have their own separate Harmony remote. I do not use the Siri remote.
Both were showing the keypad search on the left, but today one is now showing the straight line search.

There has to be a bug in the search screen. The straight line search has turned back to the keypad on the left.
So now I’m back to where I was in the first email.

Just a bit of info here.

The Apple TV has different keyboard layouts depending on the type of remote being used.

If a Siri remote is used when searching (the first time the app is launched) you will see the standard straight line keyboard bar.

If a universal remote is used, then you get the keypad style layout shown in your pics.

I don’t believe there is a way to disable this in the ATV settings at this time.

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Thanks for the info.
That means the bug is with infuse as originally mentioned in the first email. Since it must assume I use the Straight line search there is no up motion Causing me to exit the search and restart my search instead of letting me edit a search.

I think what james means is that Infuse just calls for a search and the ATV will produce either a grid or a line search based on the remote it saw at the time of the app launch and Infuse has no control over that.

If it’s grid or straight Search is not my issue. I do prefer the grid and glad I get that search.
The grid search has a bug, therefore infuse has the bug.

Sorry bout that! Got focused on the two different search layouts and let the primary issue fade.

So, in short using a universal remote you get the grid pattern search box and it works fine with cursor movement possible in all 4 directions. BUT once you move the cursor from the search input grid to one of the provided video posters and then move it BACK to the grid you no longer have control of the cursor in the UP direction. You can move in all three other directions but the only way to regain the ability to move “UP” in the search grid is to exit the Search and return.

Did I get that right?

I don’t know how Infuse and Apple handle the cursor hand off when you go from Apples search function to Infuse’s navigation and then back again to Apples search function but one or the other is dropping the ball on the switch.

@james is there a way to figure out what’s causing the loss of the UP directional cursor control when returning to the search grid?

Yes, that correct, hope there is a solution for this.

Can you try updating to tvOS 14 and Infuse 6.5?

tvOS 14 includes a new search page, which may have an effect on what you are seeing.

Updated as requested, sorry, bad news. The search is worse.
I still have the keypad style, but when I move to the right then down, the next row is halfway off the screen. If I move down once more the second row is up fully but the cursor is now out of sight and doesn’t return.
If I try to go up I end up with a blank screen and have to exit to get rid of blank screen.
If I search and move to the right there is no problem. I can even return to the keypad and update the search. The first/top row of the search works, but I can’t chose anything on other rows as cursor disappears.

Sorry for the delay here.

It looks like this is still an issue, and it’s something we’re looking into.