Search/browse by audio language

Sometimes my GF feels like watching something in Japanese, on Plex I can use an advance filter and choose by audio language and then only show the media that has it. Would be cool for infuse to be able to do this too.


As it is possible to group movies by year, resolution, genre I really miss a way to see movies by audio language. My kids speaks more than one language and it would be great to let them choose what to watch depending on the language.

Hi as the title suggests, recently I started to clear my movie backlog from a method of watching movies from a specific language each month. But even though I like the Picks of the Day for that it’s not as useful for my use case.

Can you please enable language filters so that I can watch whatever language movies I want to watch? I love Japanese, Korean and English content mostly. So I want to quickly get to them.

P.S: Before someone suggests “you can search a language in search bar in library” I know! But it doesn’t display all the results weirdly. It only samples a few of them. And also, I can’t search for “English” nothing shows up.

Please consider implementing really would appreciate it!

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Can you please add the ability to filter movies by language? that’d be so helpful!


Awesome idea :slight_smile:

Or by Country



This suggestion might already exist, but I didn’t find it.

I watch a lot of international content, and it would be helpful to be able to identify the language tracks associated with a video file, either so I can see all my, say, Japanese shows at once, or so I can spot cases where the language tracks are incorrectly identified to fix them at my end.

This is distinct from Browsing videos by country of origin - #9 by Galdo320 - that item appears to be suggesting to pick the metadata from the database; this would be picked up from the video file itself. (I think both would be helpful in different ways.)

It would be particularly useful for videos with multiple audio tracks - eg, allowing the user to identify an anime video that contains both the original audio and a dub.

I was just about to write a feature request for this. Has it ever been considered?

It would be useful in multi-language households in which one would like to filter their own favorite content based on the native language.


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I would appreciate this functionality very much.

All combined, thanks @OC1 :+1: