Search/browse by actor, director, writer

For suggestions there are no categories when you’re dealing with what people want. Some feel their request is most important while others have no desire for it so that is why the best indicator of what the user base wants is the number of requests for a feature and the number of up votes it gets.

This doesn’t mean that the one with the most votes will always be developed first since there are so many variables in programing but it shows where the most interest lies.

This is why developers have a responsibility to triage bugs, features, and user requests.

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Agreed. That’s why it doesn’t make sense that this can has been kicked down the road. It was slated for 6.0. Now it’s been pushed down to 6.3 or 6.4.

If you’re having technical trouble with implementing this feature, by all means say so. But if you keep deprecating it when so many people want it, expect annoyed paying customers who might not feel like paying any more till you’ve implemented it.


I’m here because I was completely shocked when I went to search by actor, and found I couldn’t.

How is this not a thing yet?

Looks to be on the “To Do” list for an upcoming version Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20) “Additional Library filters (by actor, director, etc…)”

Yes it’s been on there for I think a couple years now, and keeps getting bumped to a later release, and a later release, and a later release, while tack on features like Dropbox support get added and we get charged again for new versions that have few substantial improvements while lacking basic functionality like this.

It’s been years and Infuse, despite having an industry-best playback engine, is still useless for navigating collections larger than a couple dozen movies. Devs badly need to fix the UI but their priorities are all out of whack.

^this guy gets it. The devs keep pushing this down the line - along with other really basic UI features like RT/IMDb ratings - and don’t bother telling us why.

This is so wrong… My parents, my sister, and even my grandma are using Infuse. ALL OF THEM keep complaining at me because they can’t search by country or by actor. All I can do is add a “+1” in this post.

“Techies” are the ones who go into forums and request features. Of course Philips hue will have more posts than this. Forums don’t account for what regular users want.
And let’s be honest. Searching by actor or director is a very basic feature that EVERY other media app has. How many of them have Philips hue support?

Basic features should always come first.

^ Exactly. This:

6.3 (pending)

Philips Hue

6.4 (pending)

Multi-user support
Additional Library filters (by actor, director, etc…)

should be the other way around.

I completely agree. The interface is the weakest aspect of Infuse.
IImprovements should be prioritised

Spot on!
As the devs you have to use the product to better understand to predict user’s needs rather than relying on votes

In May 2020 I will not continue with my yearly subscription, if the developer still moves the search by actor/director to coming soon bla bla.
Especially for the connected Plex server content I do not get where the problem is not to read the already existing tags from the Plex database…

This should be the basic features of any media center app…


Coming in 6.3 !

So is Christmas.
At this point I’ll believe it when I can open up the app and use it.

Been dropped from 6.3 :frowning:

The more things change, the more they stay the same!

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Out of curiosity, does anyone know the reason for the delay?

Infuse gathers the required data from TMDb as it builds a database of your library, making this accessible via a UI as they do with genres, collections and resolutions on the surface of it seems quite straightforward (as straightforward as developing a complex app can be) but obviously this isn’t the case otherwise the devs would have implemented this by now given this thread at time of writing is over two and half years old.