Search broken for SMB volumes in 5.6.x

Sort seems completely broken for SMB volumes in the newest releases 5.6.x with the new interface. I get no results, no matter if I type a partial name, complete name, or if I am searching for a folder/directory or a file. The only result I get is:

Empty Folder, Move along, nothing to see here)

The documents and directories are all there, and you can scroll down and select them.


Do you have any favorites included in the library (Infuse > Settings > Library)?

No favorites, the Library is empty. The message displayed is: “Oops, this Library is empty!”

Ok - you should see a link on that page to add favorites. Or you can star a folder or two when browsing your share through the Add Files screen.

Once a favorite has been added, you should get search results as expected.

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