Search and Collections Features/Improvements

I have a few ideas for features for Infuse for iPad which I wonder whether others would be fond of.

One such feature could be viewed as an improvement, being that the search capability for the library could find not only files with names matching the search string, but folders with such names as well.

The next thing could be that the search capability could also be available when directly viewing favorited folders or network attached storages, and not only when searching through the library itself.

The last feature or improvement I have thought of could be that the user could be able to add to Collections, or whichever playlist, entire folders with all the files in them as such, and not only individual files, one by one. The ability to add entire folders would be very convenient because many times, in cases like folders holding episodes from particular seasons of a series, not only don‘t the video files with particular episodes include the title of the series in their file names, but also adding each episode, one by one, takes both much time and effort.

I think that these features/improvements would make using Infuse even more effortless

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You may want to limit your suggestions to one feature per thread. That makes it easier to show and count support for each item.

Thank you for your advice. I thought that mentioning all the suggestions in a single thread would be more welcome, so as not to clutter the forums with separate threads. I will bear that advice in mind for the future as I assume that breaking this thread down now, since it has been posted already, would be less practical