Seansonpass to jailbrake apple tv2 5.2.1 (mac)

I used the seansonpass jailbrake for apple tv2 firmware 5.2.1.

I follow the steps , but went i conected the apple tv to my tv… Dont show anything …everything is black… Son i restored by itunes directly and shows without jailbrake…so was on the original mode…

Anybody could i help me with this,… I also bought the atFlash per 29 box, and now i can not used…

So please , coud someone bring the steps to jailbrake my aple tv2 with 5.2.1 firmware,



I assume you have follow these steps:

Do not forget that this is a thetered method and you cannot remove the power cable otherwise you have to restart the last step procedure.

Try the following once you launched seasonpass

Right click the “Create IPSW” button and select the 5.2.1._10B329a version

Follow the steps

Right click the “Boot Tether” button and select 5.2.1._10B329a version