Sealed apple tv 2 with possibly ios 4.4.3 can it be upgraded?

I have a sealed apple tv 2 unit that might possibly have  ios  4.4.3 or earlier installed.  I was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade to the latest 5.3 untethered?  I was able to jailbreak a 5.3 unit I had without any issues.  Basically what I wanted to know is itunes will block it or force me to update to the latest firmware in the process?



Yes, if you run the current version of Seas0nPass and 5.3 will be installed onto the Apple TV. :slight_smile:

James thanks for your quick reply!

Now would it be worth more sealed in it’s current state or me updating it to 5.3 untethered as far as resale value purpose?

Not sure - but I think that 5.3 untethered is likely to be preferred by most people.

I would think it would be worth more if you jailbroke it. Just remember to save the signatures before do so. Or, list it as sealed but with the option that you’ll jailbreak it if they want.


Ultimatly, you’ll have to do the research on what it sells for in either state and determine for yourself.

Thanks for the advice.  But how do I save the signatures?  I thought the process was done  automatically.

In seasonpass you have to select it before the jailbreak.


right click the create ipsw option in seas0npass and select save firmware signatures


I already jailbroke and installed at the addons for xbmc.  Is there any way to do this now without losing any of my current setup and erasing everything all over again?  Also what’s the advantage of saving signature if I don’t plan to manually upgrade or care to downgrade?

I’m afraid the saving of the 4.4.3 signatures ship has sailed for you, it only save what you have on it at the moment. If you don’t plan to upgrade/downgrade then there is no purpose.