Seagate Wireless Plus + Infuse7 ( Newbie) + Apple TV4K (2nd Gen)

Dear Firecore community,
I hope that all is well.
I would like to use my Seagate Wireless Plus to stream high quality movies/serials to my Apple TV 4K (2nd Gen) but when attempting to “Shares” - Add Media Sever, I can not be able to do so.
Please advise as I have taken a trial for Infuse7 Pro to check if I can be able to use this or just go back to VLC Player and miss out on Atmos Dolby…
If someone can help by giving me steps on how I can be able to “connect” by Seagate Wireless Plus to Infuse7 Pro , will be most grateful.
Thank you,

I believe the Seagate Drive has 2 different modes.

It can either create its own Wi-Fi network which allows for devices to connect directly to it, or it can connect to an existing Wi-Fi network.

If you’re planning to use this in the same location, and not while traveling, I would recommend setting up the drive to connect to your Wi-Fi network. This will allow devices on the network to connect to it, and also allow those devices to connect to the internet as well. AFAIK, connecting directly to the device’s built-in Wi-Fi would prevent devices from simultaneously accessing the internet.

Dear James
Thanks a million for the quick response. I managed to connect to the device but the only issue that I’m getting now is the “pause” after a few minutes of play whilst streaming 4K content. Kindly advise how this can be fixed as I really liked how the organization and tempted to purchase the lifetime option.

Thanking you in advance.

Try changing your SMB version to legacy. Also do a Speedtest to one of your shares/video in infuse. If it’s under 100Mbps you’re going to have issues with buffering.

If both devices are wireless you might have to wire one of them into your router. Pure wifi environments are not good for 4K

Dear Jarvis,
Thank you for your response. Whilst testing after changing to legacy, I’m still getting <25mbps.
The drive is just 1 foot away from the Apple TV.
Which wireless drive is recommended to get 100mbps as it seems that the seagate wireless Pro isn’t cutting it.

Your probably not going to get the performance you want going wireless. 4K rips especially if they’re full ISO is going to require a wired setup to get reliable performance.

The only way you’ll get decent performance with wifi is if one of the devices is wired and you have a decent wireless router or access point.

How will that happen on Apple TV as you can’t have it wired or could you? If yes, please let me know so as I can invest on something worth the quality.

Ethernet. :wink:

What model router do you have?

So I can use the Ethernet to connect to the external drive and it will work? If I got that right, which external drive I get that will do the job without any buffering issues? Thanks :pray:

No, that’s why I also asked what type of router you have because some routers have the capibility to share an attached drive via SMB or FTP (UPnP or DLNA) are not prefered for Infuse.

The router has been provided by the telecom company and the brand is HUAWEI. The router is in another room.

I think that using 1080 files works without any issues and they can play on VLC player without any issues so I think that based on my current set up, I don’t see the reason to splash money on either changing the current set up or installing Infuse as both players are playing the same and the quality is the same.

My set up :
Seagate Wireless Plus
Yamaha 7.1 sound bar
Apple TV 4K ( 2nd gen)
VLC player ( can either stream or save it on the Apple TV. )
Fiber connection ( Apple TV connects using Wifi - Speed is 100mbps )

Looks like will cancelling my trial on infuse.

Thanking you all for the support that I got from this great community. Good bless.

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