Seagate Personal Cloud

Hi Guys

I have a problem with my Seagate Personal Cloud (SPC)

I use it with infuse with my Apple TV 4th gen.

I have pluggen in 2 more external harddrives in my SPC (it has 2 USB ports)

After I’ve used the 2 external drives with my Macbook the problems suddenly started.

When I plug back the 2 external drives I the SPC and try to open the SPC from my Macbook I get this message “The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “unnamed” can’t be found”

If I dont try to open the 2 external drives I can easily open the Seagate Public folder, but if I click on any of the 2 folders which belongs to either of the two external harddrives which are plugged into my SPC I get the message I mention above.

I dont know what is going on, I dont know if my macbook changed something on my external drives. I really hope someone can help me with this.

I tried to reset the SPC (Not data destructive) I tried resetting my router, I tried reinstalling os on my macbook. I tried everything.

In infuse APP on Apple TV 4th gen. I can connect with the SPC and add the public folder with belongs to the SPC, but if I try to add folders from my external drives which are plugged to the SPC I get the message that there was a failure.

Sounds like an issue with the seagate and it’s ability to talk to your external drives. I say this because, before I got my western digital 32TB my cloud 4 ex pro series, I had 2 externals attached to my 16TB model, and I had no issue accessing them, whether it was with my mac, or with the apple TV. I’d give seagate customer service a ring on this one. Especially since it’s happining with your mac, as well as your ATV

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Actually I tried to contact Seagate about this problem. At the end I bought a windows pc, put in the external drives, tried to repair both of them, put back everything and now its working like a charm. I dont know what my macbook did to the external drives, but it obviously messed something up.

Thanks for answering so quick!



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