Sea0npass 0.79 Mac osx 10.6 can't boot tethered??

Hi, I’m trying to boot tethered my ATV2 that I managed to Jailbreak using the Win version of Seas0n pass BUT now that I ned to connect the ATV2 to my TV set I’m using  my Macbook in order to boot the device tethered but the version here posted is saying that the tethered boot is not needed on the 4.3 version BUT I did restore my ATV2 wit hthe 4.4.1 Firmware AND it does popup the message without the ATV2 being connectd…how can I sort it out?

Thank you


edit: I did try to re-jailbreak using Sea0npass on my macbook but it got stucked to ‘patching the ramdisk’ forever, I did it because I thought it would see the 4.4.1 firmware in his cache and allow me to boot tethered but nothing, did it again and this time it got stucked to ‘unzipping IPSW’…wow

I think I will wait for the untethered one… ; (

same problem here…see my post

I See…at leat it looks like your process has started…hope an untethered will show up soon…miss my movies

same prob for me, with latest seasonpass for mac you cannot select to boot tethered for 4.4.1, it just shows 4.3.1 8f202 and 4.3.1 8f455 in preferences and says that these versions do not need to boot tethered. The PC version of seasonpass does recognize the 4.4.1 correctly but unfortunately thethered boot does not work in a virtual machine with win xp on a mac ( i think usb connection is not stable).

So please fix seasonpass mac version, i just need to boot tethered, after that atv2 will run (already checked with tethred boot from a pc, but not at home)

please, thx

and not just…I did try to select the 4.4.1 firmware (using option+key) in order to let  seas0npass work on the 4.4.1 and eventually recognize the firmware but nothing it get stucked to unzip the ipsw OR if I’m lucky a step ahead but this after almost 20 min…while on PC it worls fine…the mac version need a  fix