SDR washed out in forced 4K HDR mode - Other apps unaffected

We still can’t watch SDR content properly (washed out image) while leaving the Apple TV in HDR. Some don’t want to turn on Match Dynamic Range. Other apps don’t have this issue. If this can’t be fixed, will it be possible to refund my purchase as I don’t mind switching/looking into a different app.


Yeah this is what I’ve been doing, but I do miss the brightness of the UI when Dolby Vision is enabled. But I don’t see any reason why Infuse shouldn’t behave like other apps: if you have SDR content, but AppleTV has DV enabled, the content should not have elevated brightness levels. :man_shrugging:

All my other apps don’t have this issue except Infuse. I’m not sure why they don’t implement the fix similar to how other apps have done it.

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