SD upscaling is seriously sub par

I so much prefer Infuse over Plex. I’ve been a Pro subscriber for years, but can we please fix the SD upscaling? Every other aspect of Infuse is wonderful. The 1080 upscaling is perfect, we even have DV support now. So much work continues into so many improvements But SD sources are simply unwatchable. The same DV rips look just fine on Plex. I’m sure I can’t be the only one with a substantial amount of SD content.

I really don’t understand why this issue continues. Perhaps someone can explain it to me.

That’s not going to be me, for sure. But can you perhaps give a bit more data as to where you see the deficiencies?

First: Which SD sources do you notice upscaling at a sub-par level?

Which of the various SD video resolution, frame rate, and pixel and picture aspect ratios are these specific sources encoded in?

How far are you seeking to upscale them? To 1080p? 2160p? 8K? At what output resolution do you notice Infuse’s efforts becoming subpar? Are you utilizing any “match frame rate” or “match content” options in Infuse or the Apple devices running Infuse, or on your specific display device(s)?

Thanks for your reply:

Sources? MKV DVD rips. SD meaning 480p mpeg2 720x480/30

ATV outputting 4k, match frame rate on or off makes no difference. A great deal of jaggies and moire - none of which show when viewing over Plex

If these are interlaced videos you can adjust the deinterlacer option in Infuse. This will be available under the Video tab while a video is playing.

If that doesn’t help, we’d love to take a look at one of the videos you are seeing issues with.

Files up to 50GB can be uploaded here.

Thank you. These are DVD rips. The MKV file info displays as 480p, but of course the original discs would have been 480i. My Infuse deinterlacer was originally set to auto. I cycled through all the deinterlacing options. Efficient and Off both look fine - no jaggies or moire. High Quality looks the same as Auto - moire and jaggies. Film is a disaster - removes moire and jaggies, but frame skips are everywhere and the audio is miles out of sync. This makes some sense as the file is 30fps.

Once set, the interlacing option seems to hold most of the time, but it did revert back to Auto once on it’s own. Should the setting remain the same on it’s own, or is there something I should do to set it that way as default.

If you still want to see the file, I can upload it.

Thanks so much

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