SCROLLING of movie poster / stuttering

(infuse 6.2.6)
there is a problem with the scrolling of movie posters, there are stuttering, a friend has the same problem, if you go up to go to the letter Z, the stuttering stops

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Which screen are you using? Library, a share, a certain sort in the Library? What kind of connection protocol? Wired or wireless?

Are you using the list view or poster view? Both show posters but with different info.

ATV4 or ATV4K?

-original infuse configuration
-smb / 1 gigabyte ethernet
-Poster view

the friend with the same configuration, and the same problem.

I am also having problems. It started either .5 or .6.
ATV 4th gen
Poster view
videos and tv shows.

I agree, the problem did not exist before

Same here. Apple TV 4K, easily reproducible.

Same effect over here. It got better though from V5 to V6.
Once you have the scrolled all the items it’s also much smoother.